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One can see the architectural remains of an old city and several ruined temples of the tenth century in Kotay. The shiv or suryani temple known as Rao Lakho Fulani`s temple and ascribed to Lakho Fulani is in a dilapidated condition but its remains are an evidence of high ordered of architectural and sculptural beauty. In this temple the central area is covered with massive slabs hollowed out in the centre. The door of the temple is neatly carved. Over the lintel are the nine patrons of the planets and the jambs are carefully sculptured. In the entrance hall mandap are four pillars with a square block sculptured below the bracket and six pilasters. The shrine door is elaborately carved with two rows of figures on the frieze. The Ganpati on the temple and the jambs are richly ornamented. The ceiling of the temples is richly carved with rasmandal and lotus. This area was famous as an Angorgadh in the tenth century. A generation before by lakho fulani the uncle of punvaro who build the punvareshwar shiva temple in 10th century. Kotay shiva temple (miss leading sun temple) gangotri is facing north on the left side of temple west entrance. Many believe that as a sun temple as some of the carved statue and sculptures’ in that temple looks like that of sun temple of konark sun temple. Difference of sun temple and shiva temple and kotay shiv temple


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