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Knowing how big India is and the number of forms and places of worship this country houses,  it's very clear that completing and sustaining  this portal is not a one man task. I may be the one who has initiated this, but without a plan to sustain this,  this portal would meet the same fate as other great initiatives on similar thoughts.


Then how can we make and take this into future? 


I request you to read the following lines carefully and think how you can help this cause.




1. As every temple is equally important for us, we want to see all temples, small and big, popular and unknown to find a place in TOI. This is only possible when viewers start posting temples in their village, street, town or city. Please register and start adding content.


2. Updating posted content is another way to make the information more useful for fellow viewers. You can comment below the content or suggest changes through contact form




TOI is currently hosted on a basic linode ( It would be great if some one can sponsor these charges and upgrades which are prepaid services. TOI would be happy to thank these people/firms on portal at a prominent place.




Looking after CMS goes beyond adding content. TOI would appreciate people/firms who can sponsor

a). Content Editors

b). PHP Programmers


I think doing the above would help me to maintain and sustain this divine work.


For any suggestions and help on this, please call / mail me


Dr. Orsu Srinivasa Kumar Raju


+91 95501 36660