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List of all Temple related content arranged by date of posting

Hathigumpha caves near Bhubaneswar
Hathi Gumpha is one of the beautiful caves of Udayagiri. It is a natural cave and some pillars have been built taking support of the cave.
Cambodia's Tribhuvana Maheshwara Temple Sculpture

Very fine exquisite relief work depicting fight of Asura brothers Sunda and Upasunda over Tilottama, an Apsara, Banteay Srei(Cambodia)

Two Buddhist Temples Designated As Monuments

Two historic Buddhist temples and a church have been declared monuments.

Ancient Satyavolu Temples Badly Need Facelift
Tucked away from Giddalur town is the historic Bheemeswara and Ramalingeswara temples in Satyavolu, shedding light on the glorious socio-cultural history of the Andhra Desa in the seventh and eighth c
Valmiki Jayanti Day 2017
1300 years old Chennai temple celebrates the birth anniversary of Maharishi Valmiki; take a look. Valmiki Jayanti Day 2017: Valmiki Jayanti is a celebration that marks the birth anniversary of the gre
Lack Of Infrastructure Facilities Affects Temple

The ancient Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swami temple near Kumbla here to which Sri Padmanabha Swami shrine in Thiruvananthapuram believed to have the umbilical bond, still stands tall, encircled by the s

Massive £5 million Hindu temple planned for Exeter

The Hindu community in Exeter is fund-raising to build a giant temple in the city, set to be “the biggest in Europe”.

All Roads Lead To 110-Year-Old Temple
The 110-year-old Manning Place Srinivasa Perumal Kovil which has been renovated.Devotees in the Overport and surrounding areas have been urged to attend upcoming auspicious prayers at the Manning Plac
Channakeshava Temple Turns 900

The temple was constructed by Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala dynasty and is a monument recognised by the ASI.

Kedareshwar Cave Of Fort Harishchandragad Maharashtra

Rock-hewn Kedareshwar cave of Fort Harishchandragad, Maharashtra, India. Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Local legend holds that when the fourth pillar breaks, the world will come to an end.