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Mandya District is an administrative district of Karnataka, India. Mandya District borders on the south by Mysore District, on the west by Hassan District, on the north by Tumkur District and on the east by Ramanagar district. The district was formed in the year 1939. The main town is in Mandya District is Mandya. As of 2011, the district population was 1,808,680 of which 16.03% was urban.
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Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple Melkote

The Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple is a famous temple that has more religious than architectural significance.Also known as Thirunarayanapura, it is located on top of the rocky Yadugiri hills.This sh

Panchakuta Basadi Kambadahalli

Panchakuta Basadi is one of the finest examples of South Indian Dravidian architecture of the Western Ganga variety, related to the Jain faith and iconography.

GajasuraSamhara Form Of Shiva Mallikarjuna Temple Basaralu

According to the iconographical treatise Amshumadbhedagama, Gajasurasamhara-Shiva dancing inside the skin of the slain elephant, which is arranged like a prabhamandala around him.

Richly Decorated Carving Of The God Krishna On The Exterior Wall Of The Temple
Kaliaya's wives can be seen praying and requesting Krishna to set him free. Various creatures dwelling in the waters of Yamuna including fishes, crabs etc and vegetation are sculpted beautifully.