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North Goa

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North Goa is one of the two districts that make up the state of Goa, India. The district has an area of 1736 km² and is bounded by Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state to the north and by Belgaum district of Karnataka to the east, by South Goa District to the south, and by the Arabian Sea to the west.
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Shri Mahalaxmi Bandora

Under the Portuguese rule,Portuguese relations with Hindus were sour.

Bhagavati Temple Goa

Shri Bhagavati temple dedicated to Goddess Bhagavati is an ancient temple located in the Pernem taluka of North Goa at about 28 km from Panaji.

Sri Devaki Krishna Temple Panaji

The unique feature of this temple is that this is the only temple in India where Lord Krishna has worshipped alongside mother Devaki as Devakikrishna.

Shanta Durga Temple Goa

Shri Shantadurga Temple is a large temple complex 33 km from Panaji at the foothill of Kavalem village in Ponda Taluka, Goa, India.

Shri Mahalasa Temple Mardol

Mahalasa is identified with Mohini, the female avatar of the god Vishnu. Mahalasa has four hands, carrying a Trishula, a sword, a severed head, and a drinking bowl.

Saptakoteshwar Temple Goa

Saptakoteshwar temple at Narve, Goa, India is considered to be one of the six great sites of temples of Lord Shiva in the Konkan area

Mahalaxmi Temple Panaji

It was the first Hindu temple allowed to be built by the Portuguese in Goa after 300 years after bitter opposition.It was approved by the Portuguese authorities in 1818 after a long delay and built

Sri Ramnath Prasanna Ramnath

This temple belongs to the Saraswat Brahmins and Daivadnya Brahmins.