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Raisen District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. The town of Raisen is the district headquarters. The district is part of Bhopal Division.
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Bhojeshwar Temple Bhojpur

The Bhojeshwar Temple is an incomplete Hindu temple in Bhojpur village of Madhya Pradesh, India. Dedicated to Shiva, it houses a 7.5 feet high lingam in its sanctum.

Intricately Carved Uttara Toran of Sanchi Stupa

Built by the great emperor Asoka during 3rd Century BC, this is one of the best-preserved gateways (‘Toran' or Dwar’ in hindi) of the four you find in Sanchi Stupa.

Bodhisatva Avalokiteshwara Statue from Sanchi Stupa

Bodhisatva Avalokiteshwara Statue from Sanchi Stupa is now at Victoria Albert Museum, London.