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Brief History Of This Temple

During his second udasi of South India between 1510-1514 A.D.,  Guru Nanak after sojourning through Nagpur and Khandwa visited the ancient Hindu temple of Omkareshwar on the Narmada and reached Nanded. From Nanded, he proceeded towards Hyderabad and Golconda where he met Muslim saints and then arrived at Bidar to meet Pir Jalaluddin and Yakoob Ali. According to the Janamsakhis, the Guru accompanied by his companion Mardana stayed on the outskirts of the Bidar. Nearby were the huts of Muslim fakirs, who took the keen interest in the sermons and teachings of the great guru. The news soon spread throughout Bidar and its surrounding areas about the holy saint of the north and a large number of people started coming to him to have his darshan and seek his blessings. There used to be the acute shortage of drinking water in Bidar. All efforts of the people to dig wells were of no avail.

Even when wells produced water the water was found to be unfit for drinking. The guru was greatly moved by the miserable condition of the people, and while uttering Sat Kartar, shifted a stone and removed some rubble from the place with his wooden sandal. To the utter surprise of all, a spring of cool and fresh water that has flowed to this day. The is how the place soon came to be known as Nanak Jhira . The crystal clear stream that still flows out of a rock near the Gurudwara is believed to be God's answer to the Guru's prayers. Another version of Guru Nanak's visit to Bidar has him visiting a Sufi saint who lived with his family and followers here amidst a source of fresh, sweet water and that is where the Gurudwara eventually came to be.



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Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib Bidar

This temple belonging to the faith, Sikhism is in Bidar

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