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Sculpture in this Temple

The legend says that Lord Vishnu and His consort Goddess Sridevi came to the place Thamirabarani to spend some time in peace.

Temple Events

Temple Events

Events related to this Temple

Garuda Sevai utsavam – May or June



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Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple Thirupulingudi

This temple belonging to the faith, Hinduism is in Thoothukudi
Temple Timings

Temple Timings

Timings Of this Temple

9 A.M to 6 P.M

Extra Information

Extra Information

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Specialty The main deity of this temple is ‘Lord Bhoomipalaka Perumal’ also called as ‘Lord Kasinivendan Perumal’, an imposing image of Lord Vishnu in a reclining posture and the idol of ‘Goddess Malarmagal Nachiar’, the consort of Lord Kasinivendan Perumal can also be found here.

The idols of Goddess Sridevi and Goddess Bhoodevi can be found on either side of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma emerges from the Lord Vishnu’s navel and also He seated on a lotus. The peculiar feature of this temple is that the holy feet of Lord Kasinivendan Perumal can be seen from the window of the passageway.

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