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Brief History Of This Temple

The religious site is built on a granted land that measures about 760 puras. There is a beautiful copper plate that has been preserved in the temple premises even today. The temple also houses an idol of Goddess Durga which had been donated to the shrine by the King himself. The presence of this idol enhances the glory of the temple even more. The spiritual ambience of the place delivers harmony to mind and soul. As per the legends, Queen Fuleswari had brought many temple dancers from Assam who is called Devadasis during this occasion. This temple is known for the origin of the Devadasi Nritya which is a very famous form of dance in our country.

Temple Events

Temple Events

Events related to this Temple

The festival of Holi is celebrated in a grand way in this temple. The visitors can offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and then explore the beautiful temple premises. Nearby attractions to this site are Manas National Park, Ganakkuchi Satra and Sundaridiya Satra.

Extra Information

Extra Information

More information about this Temple

Best time to visit: Barpeta in Assam is one such tourist destination in the state that can be visited at the point of time during the year but the best time to plan a holiday here would be the winters and during the celebration of Holi festival.

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Jessie mercay (not verified)

25 September 2017

Is it possible that this temple was not origonally a siva temple? That it was intended to be a devi temple? In shilpa shastras, agamas, and vaastu shasteas circular temples are generally durga or kali temples. It is especially telling since the king donated a durga statue.

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